Chasing a Quilty - Book - Flik Equestrian
Chasing a Quilty - Book - Flik Equestrian
Chasing a Quilty - Book - Flik Equestrian

Chasing a Quilty - Book

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Mindy Davies dreamt of attempting Australia's premier Endurance ride, the 160km Tom Quilty Gold Cup long before she got the chance to start out in Endurance Horse Riding in 2012. She kept a popular blog "To Complete is To Win" going for three years so that she could take her readers from all over the world, along for the ride to chase down her dreams.

These blogs are now available in a beautifully printed book so that the story may continue to inspire others and their dreams in the sport of Endurance Horse Riding.

"I only started writing to share my exciting adventure with close family and friends and as something I could read to remember my adventures when I am old and cant remember putting my pants on in the mornings. To my surprise the stories of how I started out in Endurance quickly gained momentum as more friends shared with their friends and so on.

The online blog "To Complete Is To Win" originally was just a simpler way to share the stories with an increasing number of people asking for more. Then it started to attract hits from all over the world and people started to contact me with delightfully encouraging feedback of how my story impacted them. I had to pinch myself.

My story isn't about rising up from devastating tragedy or overcoming massive odds but about average little me, working my way through the everyday obstacles that life threw at me on the way to my achieving my dreams. About everyday obstacles that made me question my own ability to achieve such advantageous goals and in Endurance Horse Riding.

Lets face it, life doesn't make it easy to do the fun stuff. But I wasn't going to give up until I at least tried my hardest to get there. I would love nothing more than for this book to continue inspiring and motivating others to achieve their own dreams despite life's setbacks. For this reason I share my story of continual learning with transparency; the good, the bad and everything in between!"