Why weigh your horse regularly.

Why do we include a weight tape with every Journal????

Many large, professional stables and breeding facilities across all disciplines weigh their horses daily.
Weight tells a lot about our horses current state of health, the quality of feeds and/or pasture and can be indicative of possible future changes and issues. A weight pattern can also be helpful information to your vet in their diagnosis of problems.
The reality for us horse loving individuals though is that it just isn't practical without access to equine scales and we'll, more time.
But it is an extremely worthwhile habit to get into, so as well as including a weight tape with your journals we've provided a monthly weight "check in" to help you form a pattern for your horse over time.
There are handy tips on using the weight tapes in the front two information pages of your Journal 😊
  • Monitor their health & fitness 
  • Keep an eye on the impacts of seasonal changes like grass quality and temperature
  • Give correct medication doses
  • Manage age related weight issues like adequate growth in young horses and maintaining weight on older horses.
  • Know what's normal for your horse so you know what isn't
  • Early warning of abnormalities and potential heath risk

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